The new Umubano website

Welcome to our brand new website Umubano! Our website was a bit outdated and was created more than 10 years ago. Because English is one of the national languages of Rwanda, we added English as a third language choice to the Dutch and French versions.  But actually, we don’t have yet translated most of the

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Newsletter – june 2019

Some days ago our Newsletter “june 2019” has been published. Our regular subscribers already received an e-mail from our president, Jean-Pierre Roobrouck informing them with a direct link. You dear visitor of our website, can read on-line or download this newsletter as a pdf-file with this link. Please note that the content of our Newsletter

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Niewe artikels verschenen

ONZE VOORZITTER AAN HET WOORD Op 2 mei 2018 verscheen een interview met onze voorzitter JP Roobrouck met als titel “ONTWIKKELING VERGT VERTROUWEN, RESPECT EN KENNIS.”  De inhoud van dit artikel sluit volledig aan bij onze MISSIE en VISIE (zie menu OVER ONS). De oprichting en start van de Vlaams-Rwandese vereniging UMUBANO dankte zijn oorsprong

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