The new Umubano website

Welcome to our brand new website Umubano!

Our website was a bit outdated and was created more than 10 years ago.

Because English is one of the national languages of Rwanda, we added English as a third language choice to the Dutch and French versions.  But actually, we don’t have yet translated most of the existing pages. We are looking forward to volunteers, who would like to offer their service for translation for free, because you know, all our collaborators are volunteers and are working for free!

Apart from creating a more attractive and dynamic website, we needed to adapt basic programs for safety and security reasons.

Construction of a house

Whilst we are perfectioning the new website it might be possible that some of the links are not working properly.  Please let us know if you encounter failures.

And do not forget, whithout your financial support, we cannot realise our development projects.  Therefore, should you wish to send us a donation, please follow instructions hereafter:

For you donation, please make a bank transfer in favour of our account:

IBAN: BE79 0682 4065 7633


In the name of: UMUBANO vzw, at VICHTE, Belgium

For donations from 40 euro or more (on annual basis and for Belgian citizens) we will send you a fiscal certificate..

Do you have suggestions or any question, please let us know below in “Leave a comment”.

Again, be welcome on our site!!

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