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Umubano publishes 2 types of newsletters: the biannual Newsletters, which are published in PDF format in June and December, and the E-newsletters, which were sent by email in March and September. The E-Newsletter have been replaced by our Blog (see menu “Last News”). You can read the Newsletters and E-newsletters already published by clicking on the desired newsletter in the lists below.

Would you like to receive an e-mail as soon as a new edition of our newsletters is available, please mail us e-mail via this link. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending us an email with the message “unsubscribe please”.

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Archive of our biannual Newsletters

Read the available newsletters online. All you have to do is click on the episode you want to read. All these newsletters are in PDF format and are published in Dutch/French.



Archive of our E-newsletters

Below you will find the complete archive of the already published electronic newsletters. From March 2018, we opted for a shorter, modern name E-newsletter. Click on a link in the list below to read the previous editions in PDF format. Bilingual Dutch/French only

We remind you that the blog “Last news” has replaced the E-newsletter since the start of our new Umubano website.

We think it is important to always be on the ball and to bring you the latest news about our projects that are realized with your financial help and that are possible thanks to our important sponsors.

Visit the Umubano website regularly at

You no longer have to look forward to a six-monthly (March-September) E-newsletter. The blog “Last News” will provide you with news as soon as we hear it.

List of previously published E-newsletters – click on a link to read the chosen letter. Published in Dutch only, ask us for a link to a French edition if you prefer it.

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