(Financial) Partners

List of (financial) partners (see more details below) :

Most links on this page refer unfortunately to documents in Dutch or in French. We kindly ask for your understanding.

More information about different projects can be found in the menus on the left: Current Projects and Finalised Projects. With each project description an indication of the specific financial partner(s) is made.

  • National Lottery
  • Belgian Provinces :
    • Province East-Flanders
    • Province West-Flanders
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Various partner organisations


The Flemish-Rwandan Association Umubano vzw received a subsidy from the National Lottery to support the project “Establishment of young farmers in RULINDO district – KISARO sector, Byumba Rwanda”

Download the special report about this project : Project NL-LN (only in Dutch and French)

More news about subsidies from the National Lottery Clic here



The Province of East Flanders supports the actions of our Rwandan partner PANDAMU in the former province of Gitarama (Muhanga).

Click here to learn more about the partners of the Province of East Flanders and Rwanda(in Dutch only) [Rwanda (oost-vlaanderen.be)]

Read more about the development cooperation of the province of East Flanders via this link (in Dutch only)


In addition to supporting our partner Abahuje (in Ruhgano) and the projects in the Butaro sector, the Province of West Flanders is now also contributing to the financing of projects of our partners in Kisaro (setting up young farmers on radical terraces) and in Kibungo- Ngoma (training in agriculture and animal husbandry for young people out of school)

New projects approved by the Province of West-Flanders:

  • agricultural training : Project HUMURA (read more about it via this link)
  • establishment of young farmers: Project KISARO (read more about it via this link)
    watch a video montage of this project : Kisaro.mp4

Click here to read the report on project “food security” in Ruhango [report Ruhango]

Read more about the development cooperation of the province of West Flanders, Clic here (Dutch site only).


A number of cities and municipalities support our projects and/or our operations.

More specific, following cities, towns, municipalities:


The city of Kortrijk did a great job in Butaro! Read the report. [report in Dutch]



We are members of a number of organizations and/or work with them in somme projects:

4th Pillar

4de Pijler

Umubano has already been able to realize several projects thanks to the support of the 4th Pillar, including the “Drinking Water Project” in the village of Rugarama.


Umubano is a member of FMDO, the federation of Flemish diaspora-organisations.

If you want to know more about FMDO, clic then on this link.

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