The gift of a goat makes going to school possible and much more …

In collaboration with the local partner NUFASHWA YAFASHA, this project is running in the district of Gatsibo, Rwanda. NUFASHWA YAFASHA means freely translated: whoever gets help can in turn help others. Donating a goat to very poor families makes it possible for them to send a child to school. Strange but true. The goat gives milk thus improves their nutrition. Goats breed easily and can generate income. Moreover, there is a continuity principle in this project: a family receives one or two goats and as soon as the goats reproduce, the family in turn is obliged to pass a goat on to another poor family. And so the continuity of the project is assured without additional financing. Beautiful right! That’s really what Nufashwa Yafasha means!

The Province of West Flanders and the Flemish-Rwandan Association Umubano vzw together with Nufashwa Yafasha are responsible for the project financing, for a total budget of € 2,670.

You can find a full description of this project on our website with this link: van een geit maakt schoolgaan mogelijk

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