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Web link The Belgian Development cooperation

Find out everything about the Belgian Development Cooperation

Web link Enabel is the Belgian development agency

We implement the Belgian governmental cooperation in its 14 partner countries. We also provide our expertise to other donors.

Web link De 4de pijler

De 4de pijler (The 4th Pillar)

Support center for everyone who volunteers for a project in the south.  

You will find Umubano on their website (only in Dutch) 

Web link Donor Info

“Giving… but to whom?” This is a question that many people ask themselves. The database provides objective information about various organizations that participate in charity, so that you will certainly find a good cause that suits you. Donorinfo aims to display this information in the most transparent manner possible. For example, according to his own criteria, the donor can choose from a diverse range of more than 220 charities that help people in need.

Web link Gatagara

Priest Joseph Fraipont founded a center for the disabled in Gatagara in 1958 with the support of Misereor. Since 1962 the Auxiliaires Féminines Internationales also provide quality care in this Home de la Vierge des Pauvres (this website only exists in French)

Web link Koning Boudewijnstichting (King Baudouin Foundation)

The King Baudouin Foundation makes information about charities (eg financial data of the National Bank of Belgium) available to a wide audience. This installs confidence in partners and donors. Via we put Belgian associations and foundations in the spotlight. This is of course done via the website, but also via the accompanying newsletter and social media channels.

Web link The Nile Institute

Do you know Lode Van Pee? He was the architect of the Museum in Butare, which was donated to Rwanda by King Baudouin at the time. He is currently well advanced in building the Nile Institute that will host studies on Nyabarongo and establish a visitor center. If you want to follow the construction work of the project closely, that’s perfectly possible!

Web link Sustainable Development Goals

The so-called Millennium Development Goals were followed up by Sustainable Development Goals. These are endorsed by Umubano. You can learn all about it via this link.

Web link Startkabel Rwanda

A collection of web links about Rwanda.(this website only exists in Dutch, but some links may be usefull)

Web link Stedenband (Twinning)

Here you will find information about the twinning between Municipalities of Waregem (Belgium) with Gatsibo (Rwanda) (This website only exists in Dutch)



The organization HUMURIZA TAMAR, located in Mushishiro, is in contact with our partner Pandamu and on his recommendation we have been supporting this project since this year (2023). This organization’s mission is “To strive for the well-being of Rwandan families, with an emphasis on combating violence, especially that affecting teenage girls, and helping them to develop themselves so that they can contribute to the development of the country.”

Web link SOLFA

Since 2006, the ‘Solidarity Fund African Women’ or ‘Solidarité femmes Africaines’ has been promoting self-reliance and local solidarity with the aim of improving the living conditions of women in (Central) Africa.


Web link Kinderhulp Rwanda (Children’s aid)

A non-profit organization that provides support to Rwandan orphanages and orphans from Kruishoutem (Belgium) (This website only exists in Dutch).


Web link Bees for development

Bees for Development Trust is an international charity working to promote sustainable beekeeping in developing countries, to support livelihoods and to conserve biodiversity.


Web link National Lottery

Read more about the subsidy scheme of the National Lottery. (this website only exists in Dutch and French)

Web link Development aid of East Flanders

Link to the province of East Flanders with information about development cooperation and global solidarity. (this website only exists in Dutch)

Web link West Flanders

Apply for a subsidy for your initiative in the South in 5 steps. (this website only exists in Dutch)

Web link North-South Waregem

Eveything about North-South forces in the city of Waregem (this website only exists in Dutch)

Web link Salesian Fathers (this website only exists in Dutch)

The Don Bosco Salesians have a very dynamic project at Lac Muhazi, not far from the capital Kigali, which benefits the local population. Through this link you can view a YouTube movie about this project. (the movie lasts about 20 min and the commentary is in French)


Web link The Belgian Development cooperation the newsletter of the Belgian Development cooperation in your mailbox: clic on the link above

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