About us

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Who and What we are:

You want to know more about us?

Then read the following articles by clicking on a given link. You will find successively more about: 

  • The composition of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of our Association (read below)
  • How you can support financially our projects Rwanda;(see end of this page)
  • De Foundation and Start of Umubano, met onder meer de Oprichtingsakte van de Vlaams-Rwandese Vereniging en het eerste verschenen Persbericht.
  • Our Vision and Mission, waarin je ook nog kan lezen hoe je ons kan Steunen, hoe je Lid kan worden van Umubano en welke onze Doelstellingen zijn.
  • Donations: daarin lees je hoe je een schenking kan overmaken aan onze vereniging en hoe je er een fiscaal attest voor kan verkrijgen.
  • Honorary Members: here you will find a list of our Honorary Members and you learn how you can also become a Honorary Members.

Board of Directors

new composition since GAM 2019

  • Jean-Pierre Roobrouck (president)
  • Frederic Deprez (vice-president)
  • Anselme Nsabimana (vice-president)
  • Gerdi Ampe (secretary, project coordinator)
  • Lieven Vandoorne (director, financial control)
  • Gerard Moerman (director)

Executive Committee

Board of Directors assisted by Jozef Caudron (treasurer) and volunteers

Webmaster since September 2014: John Madder

Your mild donations, your membership fee, Your transfers to support our projects should be transferred to our bank account:

IBAN: BE79 0682 4065 7633


In the name of: UMUBANO vzw, at VICHTE, Belgium

From a donation of 40 euros a year we send you a tax certificate. Record in your communication to transfer “gift” or “project support”.

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