UMUBANO means in Rwandan language “Friendship”. How do we want to express this friendship? By translating our VISION in our MISSION.

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Stimulate the cooperation between Rwanda and Flanders in order to achieve sustainable development of the country and the people, objects of our friendship. We do it in full conformity to the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDG) of the UN. Sustainable development of country and people leads to eradication of poverty and hunger.

How we want to realise our Mission:

We collaborate only with local and thrustworthy partners in Rwanda and our main focus is on:

  • the protection of the environment,
  • the equality between men and women,
  • the right to basic education for everyone,
  • the right to education for all through the award of scholarships,
  • the integration into society of persons and children with physical and/or mental limitations,
  • promoting food security mainly in rural areas,
  • the development and the promotion of entrepreneurship in general and female entrepreneurship in particular,
  • supporting capacity building of our local partners to lead to self-reliance,
  • supporting cooperation with Rwanda and the Rwandans and exchange between Flanders and Rwanda.

Through information and sensitization campaigns the Flemish-Rwandan Association UMUBANO wants to involve the Flemish and Belgian public in its actions.

UMUBANO has no paid staff neither in Belgium nor in Rwanda. All Board members, members and staff will do this completely on their own initiative, and selfless. No one will receive any wage, so that our projects profit integrally of all our available resources.

To succeed in our Mission and to achieve our Vision, we need you desperately.  How can you help us?

By supporting us financially:

You may transfer your mild gift on our following account number:

IBAN: BE79 0682 4065 7633


In the name of: UMUBANO vzw, at VICHTE

From a gift of 40 euro on a yearly base, we will send you a tax certificate. Write down in its communication on your transfer “gift” or “projects”.

From a gift of 100 euro per year you are automatically entered in our membership as HONORARY MEMBER. Then your name is mentioned in the list of honorary members that you will find on our website Clic here: Honorary Members


In accordance with our articles of Association, people who wish to become a member of our Association should send a request to the Board and pay an annual membership fee.

You will be entitled to become a member through a banktransfer of € 30 to our account nr.

IBAN: BE79 0682 4065 7633


and write down in its communication on your transfer: REQUEST FOR MEMBERSHIP. Add also NAME, FIRST NAME en ADDRESS in.

Would you like to read more informations?

Visit following pages on our site:


Word of our President

Honorary Members


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