Rwandan ballet Isonga

A European tour of the Rwandan ballet Isonga, organized in November 1996 by Anne Maes-Geerinckx and Wim Rampelberg. In the context of the Flemish-Rwandan Association ‘Umubano’ vzw and under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Nkulikiyinka, ballet master. The dancers performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and England for a month and achieved great success everywhere. ‘Isonga’ means ‘lance point’, ‘the best’. The dance group Isonga was part of the National Rwandan Ballet ‘Urukerereza’. This group had already given several performances abroad, including in China. The artists who were part of it were not always the same. Some of them had already traveled, for others it was the first time they left their hill in Rwanda.

Rwandees balletThe performance they presented on this tour was entitled ‘Izuba rya Amahoro’, ‘The Sun of Peace’. The dances and chants are an expression of the peace will of the Banyarwanda (Rwandans) who, after the terrible genocide of 1994, had only one wish: to be able to work non-violently on the reconstruction of their country and their well-being. This wish was symbolic and concrete at the same time because the dance group had Bahutus, Batutsis and Batwas. Thanks to the performance, one could also get acquainted with some Rwandan artisan traditions. There were dances from different regions, dances performed by the dashing, proud ‘Intore fighters’, irresistible female dances and the fascinating rhythms of the ‘Ingoma’ drums.

Clic on this link to vieuw the YouTube movie from Anne Maes-Geerinckx. (It lasts about 54 minutes).

IMIGONGO a typical Rwandan art

Anne Maes-Geerinckx posted another movie on YouTube about this beautifull art.

an Imigongo artist at work

In 2007 Umubano, together with the Province of East Flanders sponsored a new art studio for the Kakiro Association, where women artists practisise this famous artwork. You will find more information about the project “Art Studio” in the list of our Finalised Projects

Clic on this link to vieuw the YouTube movie of about 10 minutes.


Regional TV-Oost 1: movie about the millenium goals and Rwanda – how Umubano contributes.

Regional TV-Oost 2: movie about a sports center in Rwanda

Project of the Salesian Fathers in Rwanda

YouTube movie:

The Salesian Fathers have a great project at Lake Muhazi in Rwanda. Via this link you can vieuw the movie. (It lasts about 20 minutes and the commentary is in French)

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