Art studio

A new building for the association “Kakira”

Solemn opening of the Imigongo studio in the presence of the Minister of Culture Joseph Habineza.
Monday, September 24, 2007
by Anne Maes

Many people bought one or more of the “Imigongo” paintings that were exhibited in the Caermers monastery in Ghent from 10/11/04 to 09/01/05. The sale of these very specific art objects was a great success. The Umubano association therefore wishes to thank the generous buyers once again, as well as the Province of East Flanders who made this possible.

The proceeds from this sale (€ 17,900) had to be spent on the implementation of a project proposed by the women of Kakira. This is a done deal today: a sum of € 16,910 was invested in the construction of a small building right next to the studio they are currently occupying. This new building will contain an office, a library (which will also serve as a training room) and a shower and toilet corner. It is also equipped with an electrical installation based on solar energy and a 5000 liter water tank.

Thanks to this new building, the artists will not only be better able to store and exhibit their works (the studio they are using now has become much too small), but will also be better able to provide their education (training in Imigongo art – it is important that they be able to pass on – training in basic accounting, teaching English and French, etc.….). Solar powered equipment will allow some activities to take place after 6 pm or for women to read or consult books after work (study or free time). A whole range of new possibilities.

The balance of € 990 was presented to the Kakira association in the form of the book “Imigongo Rwanda” which tells their history and describes their art and which they will sell to the customers who visit their studio

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