HUMURA installs an automatic irrigation system

Since 2015, the organization HUMURA, in partnership with the Flemish-Rwandan Association Umubano, has started training in agro-ecology and in agro-forestry for the benefit of the rural youth of Gisaya.


The primary objective of this pedagogical farm is to provide poor or unskilled young people with theoretical and practical knowledge and to help them improve agricultural practices so that they can increase agricultural production in the areas they inherit from their parents. This with due regard for environmental protection and by applying an ecological agricultural system. These practices concern soil rejuvenation and protection, the integration of animals and trees to improve soil quality. It uses the resources available to all to combat plant destroyers while preserving local seeds and promoting short circuits to commercialize production.

FINANCIAL PARTNERS in this project

The installation project of the automated irrigation system in the farm in partnership with the association Umubano and the Province of West Flanders started in February 2020.

Read the complete illustrated report, written by Albert NKUNDA, projectmanager – clic here.

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