Establishment and Start of Umubano

ESTABLISHMENT of the non-profit organization (VZW):

The Flemish-Rwandan Association “Umubano vzw” was officially incorporated as vzw (npo or non-profit organization) on July 8 1986.

The Memorandum of Association was published in the Belgian Official Gazette of Oktober 15 1987. Clic hereafter to read the Memorandum of Association. (only in Dutch)(pag1 pag2)


The Flemish-Rwandan association only effectively started on February 19, 1987, as the founders noted in the press release of “De Streekkrant” (Kortrijk edition).

So we exist more than 30 years. The founders of the first hour were the late Willy Decavele from Gullegem and Willy Verhelst from Ghent. The late Robert Cornelis was the first secretary. The other board members were Messrs Georges Denoulet and André Vanstaen.

Clic here for the first press release about Umubano from the “Streekkrant” of May 7 1987. (in Dutch)

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