NUFASHWA YAFASHA reports on aid received

West Flemish provincial support package efficiently used by Nufashwa Yafasha Organization.


Do you still remember the project “Gift of a goat makes going to school possible”?

We recently received a comprehensive report from Jean Paul Bujyacyera, Chairman of NYO.


The total budget received from the Province of West Flanders was € 2.000. The contribution of Umubano and NYO amounted to € 670.

Nufashwa Yafasha Organization supports families by giving them a goat;

With this they can earn money: (read also Gift of a goat makes going to school possible)

The goat gives them meat and milk and they use the manure as fertilizer for their crops. The families can breed the goats to sell on the market. This provides economic benefits and enables them to earn an income. As the family earns more money, they can afford medical treatment and raise their children. This, in turn, improves the literacy rate among the community.

You can hear from the locals how they experienced this project.

gift of goat
a beneficiary of the goat project

Click on the following link to a YouTube video of NYO: Nufashwa Yafasha Organisation

More than 100 families have benefited from this project so far. They have seen their production increase and have been able to make some money to pay for everything from school uniforms and materials to medicines. The project turned out to have already improved their lives. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit almost everything, including the goat project. Many families had to stay at home and interrupt all work.

Community protection from Covid-19

To meet the needs to combat Covid-19, the Province of West Flanders has provided support worth € 970, linked to the goat project. This amount was spent on the purchase of hygiene and personal protective equipment, such as soap, disinfectant hand gel, face masks, disinfectants, wash basins.

The aid went mainly to the 60 families who received a goat as part of the aid ‘Gift of a goat’.
It also protects the children of kindergarten (about 60) as much as possible. In addition, NYO is setting up awareness campaigns about Covid-19.


As you could read, the follow-up of the goat project went well. But the Covid-19 pandemic does have an impact on the future. Temporarily no goats bred from the distribution can be sold.

Covid-19 protection
distribution of masks and handgel

Click on the following link to watch a video about this project: Covid-19 project

Obviously, this clearly has consequences for the incomes of these poor families. The aid should protect these fragile families against contamination of the virus and support them in their continuing commitment to hygiene and health.

This also applies to the school children who are now required to be kept in quarantine at home. Nufashwa Yafasha Organization is closely monitoring the situation, including in the kindergarten in Ngarama. They provide support to these vulnerable children.

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