The main objective of Umubano vzw is to promote food security in Rwanda in rural areas. It does this mainly through support from and cooperation with local partners.

Together with its partners, the association promotes modern methods of agricultural production among the rural population, to replace traditional subsistence farming with a high-quality, sustainable and profitable agricultural economy.



Medium term

Long term

 1. Food Security

More modern methods of agricultural production stimulate the rural population, to break free from traditional subsistence farming and to achieve a high-quality and profitable agricultural economy * Support capacity building with our partners in rural development
(cooperatives, farmers’ associations, SMEs), resulting in high-quality agricultural production, storage, processing and distribution.
* Integrate environmental management and support initiatives in the bioenergy sector.
* Integrate gender and support female entrepreneurship.
* Quality build-up in order to evolve into profitable economic activity, which allows the partners to continue working independently.
* Further support of projects that evolve towards an ecological economy.
* Evolve into projects with integral participation of women at all levels. 


Raising awareness about development cooperation and exchanges between our country and Rwanda. Facilitating budding cooperation between schools, local authorities here and in Rwanda. Making our knowledge of the Rwandan context available to schools, local authorities and private initiatives.


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